Learning what agility really means.

Today there was no desk for me amongst my team. So today was the first time that I really had to hot-desk. I felt a strange mixture of emotions (even I – the Agile Lead!)I felt a little put-out, I felt a little isolated. So I sat and thought about those feelings – I always know that somewhere I have resilience and that I will see the positive, adventurous, chatting with new people side of what I have done to day – and I did enjoy it after all. I allowed myself to acknowledge those feeling as, when we looking to change an organisation to new ways of working perhaps it’s good to stay in touch with those feelings that change can bring about.

By new ways of working – I mean look at the possibilities about a more fit for purpose environment, quiet rooms, creative space, big round tables for us to use as desks – possibilities toward making ‘work’ somewhere good to go. Making it a great place to work. Environment can help hugely with that. But what makes the difference is the ‘people’ at work. The workforce should be respected and trusted and I think much would come back. Leadership = Empowerment and in turn allows for change. A good example from leaders is what matters, everyday. Removing autonomy stifles ideas and growth. As Rik Mayall said, “Nobody is genuinely your superior…you have to be free, freedom is paramount”.  By that, in this context, it is vital that the organisation understands and leads by showing – that all staff can work in a way that is best for them, providing the role within which they work can support it and their performance outcomes are measured not by WHERE they do their work but how WELL they do it.

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