From – An interesting take on fables and change

Aesop’s Fables section has other short and beautifully simple analogies useful for illustrating aspects of causing or dealing with change, for example (all on the Aesop’s Fables section):

The Crow and the Pitcher (change being provoked by pressure or necessity)

The North Wind and the Sun (gentle persuasion rather than force)

The Lion and The Ass (enforced change – might is right)

The Crab and his Mother (lead by example and evidence – or you’ll not change people)

The Miller, his Son and the Ass (no single change is likely to please everyone – everyone wants something different)

The Oak and the Reeds (the need for tolerance – changer or ‘changees’)

The Rich Man and the Tanner, (time softens change – given time people get used to things)

The Ass and the Mule (agree to reasonable change now or you can risk far worse enforced change in the future)

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