Small steps toward workplace modernisation

Yesterday I met with a team interested in agile working. Hopefully this story will help explain what agility is to me and my workplace.

We sat down and our conversation immediately turned to 85% desk ratios and more people for less desks.

So let’s imagine that we can forget the numbers, and we think about how we work, who needs to discuss work with who, who needs quiet. Let’s think about privacy and who needs that.

Lets think about the people who say, “when I’m not there someone can use my desk” – think about creating hot desk space for them instead of them ‘owning’ a desk.

Design your space around what you need just the same as you would in your home. Think about the flow. The aim here is to increase productivity so let’s keep this simple. Design it around what you and your immediate team need. The people who do the job.

Make it the best it can be and don’t be afraid to change it as you go along. Redesigning isn’t failure –  it’s bedding down. Increasing staff morale is benefitting my organisation – allow them opinions and control of their destiny.

Now stop imagining and go and do it.





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